About Us

Bookish Press (An Initiative of MRI Publication) is a pioneer publication in the field of education and publishing industry. Bookish owns a strong list of publications in the various areas of modern knowledge for example Social Studies, Science, Engineering, Technology, Migration, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Proceeding. We also publish conference proceedings, edited books, reference and textbooks in all media i.e., print online databases, etc. However, we are always open to welcome any innovative and qualitative works of any discipline or branch of scholarship, regardless of the subject area. We believe in the fact that still the world is to be known and there are endless things exist in the lap of this mysterious nature either may be physical or spiritual.  We welcome your interest and ready to join hands with us in the journey of publishing the knowledge. Please, submit your manuscript we will evaluate, and review the content and come up to you with the exact evaluation and scope.